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You always want to get the doctor\'s opinion before you start messing around with your own prescriptions because they will have more insight about what the drug can do and how can affect you by upping your own dosage url. You also want to be aware of any side effects that can occur simply for taking the medication generic alprazolam. Soma has been proven to block the painful sensations by altering the way your brain and nerves perceive the pain that is occurring. more info In turn, this then stops the process of baldness in the patient. click here. Obesity must still be attacked through the traditional weight loss methods of decreasing caloric intake and increasing physical activity. about adipex. Provigil has also shown some positive results when used to treat sleep apnea and chronic fatigue syndrome. website. Not only the risk of heart disease and stroke, but also diabetes, cancer, and other health problems may be brought on by obesity. www.finsglowzone.com/meridia.html. Also, if you use Accutane it will be under doctor\'s supervision. more info. When it comes to sleeping a full night\'s sleep, you should not mess with that. provigil.html. Accutane is a commonly prescribed medication by physicians for patients suffering from severe cases of acne. page. Serious side effects that require medical attention include chest pains, severe headaches, confusion, breathing or speech difficulties and seizures. learn more. Xanax can help to stop the interruptions these conditions bring to everyday life and allow a person to get back to a normal routine. more info. Many individuals diagnosed with narcolepsy who are taking this medication report that they can drive vehicles and hold down full time jobs thanks to the strong effects of Provigil which are two things they couldn\'t due prior to taking this drug. Modafinil. It can stop the attack by providing a calming effect. xanax.html. While there are many benefits of Meridia that have helped a countless number of people lose weight, this drug should not be taken if you\'ve taken an MAO inhibitor in the last 14 days. www.innerstrengthlouisville.com/meridia.html. The most common withdrawal symptoms are stomach cramps, nausea, headache and insomnia; they\'re most common when usage is suddenly stopped. Carisoprodol. It is advised that the user takes Ambien just before going to bed to avoid these problems. web site. Even a few hours can be too much to have to deal with these symptoms which is where Maxalt shines and comes to the rescue. Rizatriptan. It\'d be better to take the largest dose at bedtime because it helps in minimizing the odd of daytime sedation. Klonopin. If a patient abruptly stops taking this drug after prolonged use, some withdrawal symptoms may be present such as problems falling asleep, headaches, nausea, vomiting, sweating and anxiety. page. Benzos such as Klonopin work to combat a whole array of conditions caused by anxiety. klonopin.html. It is used for the treatment of moderate to severe anxiety, social anxiety, panic, and moderate depression, and it can reduce anxiety, irritability, excitement, restlessness, convulsion, and muscle tension. more info. If you’re interested in Restoril and its effects, please talk to your doctor to see if Restoril is the drug for you. Anything that can cause a reliving of the memory can cause another anxiety attack and begin an almost unbreakable cycle. Klonopin. Agoraphobia has shown remarkable response to treatment with Klonopin and many people are able to completely overcome the condition. www.pensacolafc.com/klonopin.html. Xanax may be habit forming and you may experience withdrawal symptoms once you stop your medication. You may also have delusions, abnormal thoughts, mood swings and hypotension. bodyworksspasd.com/xanax.html.


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"Spirit Gum" at Emerald City, Brooklyn NY
"We Won't Survive" at Redwood Art Space, Plains PA
"Frogmarch" at Cafe Metropolis, Wilkes Barre PA
"Jaws of Life" at Redwood Art Space, Plains PA


not much of a band, but we are a band for sure. We began in late 2007 and played our first show in the beginning of 2008. Our name is Kite Party because we had to come up with something a week before our first show. We spent so much time trying to think of a good name. It's such a hard thing to do, we did not succeed but here we are, bro. We released our first set of songs in 2008, called Hand Claps Music. It is no longer available, but if you email us we'll get it to you. We sold so many copies of this cd that we bought a renovated mansion in Philly, and we all live there. This is not true, but I wrote it in our last bio and a LOT of people thought it was true. That is hilarious to me, because we probably gave away the whole set of 45 cds.
Anyway we did a bunch of shows, and then we wrote and recorded Wish Mountain. That EP was released on a local record label called Prairie Queen Records, you can buy it from there. After this we played a bunch more shows, and somewhere in there we started writing for a new album. Also at that time Andre became a member of the band, this was cool for us because he used to be in The Police.
With Andre we wrote a bunch of new songs and started recording them at the Headroom Studio here in Philadelphia. We took our time with this, spending lots of man hours on it. This album, Baseball Season, is out now. Right after it came out, our long-time drummer Pete left because I always call him names. I'm sorry Pete, wherever you are. Our good friend Pat emerged from the sky and became our new drummer.
We like music a lot, its what we do, and we're not nearly as good as doing anything else that we do. Let's get acquainted, because we're probably not all that different from one another anywayz. :)


We do all the internet things that keep the kids stoked. Check them out for more current updates and maybe even some FREE PIZZA.

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We wanted to give you the opportunity to read some of the crazy nonsense some people have written about us. Peace be with you.